Gold Coast

Feb 2017


I have been away from home for a month now. We started out on the Gold Coast at Snapper Rocks. 4 weeks went so quick but it seems like ages ago that we left Manly.


I love the Gold Coast, the waves the people and the warm water. I got to hang out  with my good friend Marsi Harro. We surfed, skated, ate heaps of Krispy Kreme donuts and had wars in the pool.


Mick Cain my coach since 9 and Clancy Dawson from the High Performance Surf Centre trained me most days. I felt like I learnt a lot from them over the month.


I started my home schooling on the GC and we got into routine pretty quick. My sister Sunny finishes her work so quick. Mine takes longer. Maths is my favourite, then Science and French. History can be a slog and English too, even though I love reading. I have to do Tech, art and PDHPE also this year.


Mick Cain my GC surf coach took me to meet Wayne Dean. He is one of the most famous “Old Guy” surfers on the Gold Coast. His son Noa is one of the best free surfers in the world. Wayne is also a carpenter and he taught me woodwork. I would have got full marks except I was wearing slippers. My distance Ed teacher spotted them in my video and I lost a couple of marks because I didn’t have safety boots!


I spent a week surfing and filming with the Hurley youth team.  Eli, Bronson, Dean, and Varun all rip. The Hurley Youth edit is up on my Vimeo page, it's pretty cool. It was good fun and I am looking forward to seeing them again.


Our plane out of the GC was delayed for 4 hours, we had to bolt like crazy in a big black taxi from the Sydney Domestic to the International terminal and only just made the connection to Hawaii. Aloha!